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Our Farm Practices

Pastured poultry is often considered a healthier and more sustainable option compared to commercially raised chickens.

Some of the reasons to choose pastured poultry include:

• Better Nutritional Profile: Pastured poultry is often fed a diet that is rich in grass, insects, and other nutrient-dense foods, which results in meat that is higher in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals compared to commercially raised chickens.

• Better Animal Welfare: Pastured poultry is typically raised in more spacious and natural environments, allowing the birds to engage in natural behaviors such as foraging, dust bathing, and spreading their wings. This is in contrast to commercially raised chickens that are often housed in cramped and crowded conditions.

• Better for the Environment: Pastured poultry systems typically use rotational grazing methods, which can help to improve soil health and reduce the amount of waste produced. Commercially raised chickens, on the other hand, are often raised in confinement and rely heavily on feed and other inputs that can harm the environment.

• Better Flavor: Many people find that pastured poultry has a better taste and texture compared to commercially raised chicken. This may be due to the birds' natural diet and outdoor environment.

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